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      Date Reported: October 28, 2023

      Victim’s Location: AZ, USA- 85306

      Scammer’s Information:

      • Contact Name: Jacob Walker
      • Email:
      • Phone Number: (681) 211-8463
      • Website:

      Scam Type: Cryptocurrency Recovery

      Description: A victim was approached by an individual named Jacob Walker from, who promised to recover crypto deposits lost to another scam involving and Utilizing AnyDesk, Walker assisted the victim in setting up a crypto wallet with Atomic Wallet and instructed a deposit of €7500 for the recovery process. Initially, the victim was led to believe that their funds had been recovered, showing a total of €28,650 in the Atomic Wallet. However, after attempting to deposit an additional €7,500, of which only €5,000 was available, it was discovered that the wallet had been compromised. Walker had copied the ID key during setup, leading to the theft of the funds. The victim was left with a fake deposit of 16.000 Ethereum in their Atomic Wallet, losing a total of €12,500.

      Dollars Lost: Approximately $12,500

      Useful Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Contact Method: AnyDesk remote desktop application
      • Scammer’s Email:
      • Phone Number: (681) 211-8463
      • Claimed Recovery Sites: and
      • Payment Wallet: Atomic Wallet (compromised during setup)

      If you have been scammed by, Jacob Walker, or have fallen victim to a similar cryptocurrency recovery scam, please share your story. Include any details such as methods of contact, transaction specifics, receiving addresses, and any other relevant information that could aid in investigations and help prevent others from experiencing similar fraud.

      Your contribution is vital in alerting and protecting the community against these deceptive practices. By sharing your experience, you help in compiling valuable information that could potentially lead to tracking down the fraudsters involved. Let’s work together to expose these schemes and support each other in navigating the complexities of the cryptocurrency landscape safely.

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