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      A new scam alert has emerged for cryptocurrency investors involving a fraudulent entity and an individual claiming to be an attorney named Peter Darby. Victims are initially contacted via Facebook, followed by persistent emails, including on weekends, requesting an upfront fee of $1,000 USD to initiate a lawsuit against the original scammer. This suspicious behavior, coupled with inconsistencies in the communication, strongly suggests that Peter Darby is also part of a scam, potentially targeting victims for a second time.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Alleged Attorney: Peter Darby
      • Contact Email:
      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scammer’s Alleged Location: LA, CA
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Reported Loss: Requested upfront fee of $1,000 USD
      • Victim’s Location: FL, USA – ZIP Code 32962
      • Date Reported: January 7, 2024

      The individual involved has been described as possibly having an African or Nigerian accent, which might help narrow the investigation. However, it’s crucial to approach this information with caution and avoid making generalizations that could lead to unfair bias.

      If you have encountered Peter Darby, received communications from, interacted with, or have been a victim of a similar cryptocurrency scam, please share your story. Additional information, such as the methods of contact, the nature of any payments requested or made, and any other interactions, could provide valuable insights for OSINT investigations and help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams. Your experiences and any details you can provide are instrumental in raising awareness and combating these fraudulent activities.

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