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      Attention to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors: a scam alert is being issued for the website following a concerning report from a victim who lost $1,000. The scam involves an account manager, operating under the guise of “Brittany Trudgeon” on Instagram (@mrstrudge), who deceitfully transfers victims’ bitcoin into a controlled account from which withdrawals are impossible without paying an additional fee.

      Key Details of the Scam:

      • Scammer’s Method: The scammer transferred the victim’s bitcoin into an account and then demanded a $2,020 payment for withdrawal of profits.
      • Platform Used: Instagram, under the name @mrstrudge
      • Scammer’s Alias: Brittany Trudgeon
      • Location of Victim: OR, USA – 97080
      • Scammer Claimed Location: Cincinnati, CT
      • Contact Information:
      • Email:
      • Phone: (513) 900-1531
      • Website:
      • Type of Scam: Cryptocurrency
      • Business Name: Goldencryptrd
      • Date Reported: December 26, 2023
      • Amount Lost: $1,000

      This incident involves deceitful practices, including impersonating investment consultants and the possible hacking of accounts to fabricate successful investment stories. If you’ve encountered a similar scheme, been contacted by Brittany Trudgeon, or have interacted with, please come forward and share your story.

      Your detailed accounts, including any communication with the scammer, transaction IDs, receiving addresses, or other contact information, can be invaluable in open-source investigations (OSINT) and may help alert and protect potential victims.

      Let’s collaborate to shed light on these fraudulent activities and support each other in navigating the complex landscape of cryptocurrency investments. If you’ve been affected by this scam or a similar one, sharing your experience can contribute to a broader understanding and awareness, potentially aiding others in avoiding similar pitfalls.

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