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      Scam Name: Inferno Drainer

      Scam Website URL: (Note: The URL provided appears to be a placeholder or fictitious, indicating the absence of a site. This could mean the scam operates through direct contact or other platforms.)

      Details of Scam:

      • Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: 0xd8da704a8252168ca425cb34b10d98b41ff5e8166694722a856e40f4d5fb256c
      • Receiving Address: 0xe72681Aee64b958e1F9dF7dB9eEa98d1296Bc36C

      A scam identified as “Inferno Drainer” has been reported where victims have had their cryptocurrency stolen. The transaction hash and receiving address provided are key pieces of information that can be used in OSINT investigations to trace the flow of stolen funds.

      If you have fallen victim to the “Inferno Drainer” or a similar scam, please share your experience. Your account could be instrumental in preventing others from falling prey to these fraudsters.

      When sharing your story, if possible, provide transaction details, the communication method used by the scammers, any additional contact information you might have, and especially any blockchain addresses associated with the scam. This information is crucial for alerting the community and for investigative purposes.

      Together, by sharing our stories and the specifics of our experiences, we can help others recognize and avoid such scams. Your information could make a significant difference in someone else’s life.

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