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      Scam Exploiting Trust via WhatsApp and

      A cryptocurrency scam has been identified targeting individuals through WhatsApp groups. The scheme involves tricking victims into buying cryptocurrency through legitimate wallet apps and then instructing them to transfer these funds to a fraudulent platform, specifically The orchestrators of this scam are known by the aliases Gina Murphy and Matt.

      Key Scam Details:

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Method: Victims are lured via WhatsApp groups to transfer funds from trusted crypto wallets to the scam website.
      • Main Contacts: Gina Murphy and Matt (Aliases)
      • Contact Number: (607) 306-9238
      • Location of Targeted Individual: NY, USA – 11203
      • Date Reported: December 11, 2023

      Your story is essential if you have been affected by this scam or a similar scheme. Sharing your experience can help warn others and might provide crucial information for open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. Details such as transaction records, communications with the scammers, and any other interaction can aid in tracking down the perpetrators.

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