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      A concerning cryptocurrency scam has been reported by an individual who encountered a scammer through Hinge, named Layla Adora. The victim, who resides in VA, USA (ZIP code 20120), was persuaded to engage in cryptocurrency trading, initially on the website, and later directed to another site,, due to supposed URL issues. After successfully conducting initial trades and being enticed to invest $30,000 taken from their 401k, the victim could not withdraw their profits without paying an additional fee of $1,783.36, a demand not previously disclosed and unsupported by website information.

      Scam Details:

      • Contact Number: (315) 217-1268
      • Location of Targeted Individual: VA, USA – 20120
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Dollars Lost: $35,000
      • Date Reported: January 30, 2024

      The scam raises multiple red flags, including a lack of transparent communication, unverifiable withdrawal demands, and warnings from reputable cryptocurrency services like Coinbase about the safety of the involved website. The scammer’s contact method through WhatsApp and the abrupt change in communication patterns post-deposit indicate a targeted scheme to defraud.

      For OSINT Investigations:

      • The phone number provided ((315) 217-1268) could offer leads on the scammer’s identity or be linked to other fraudulent activities.
      • The websites mentioned ( and are critical for understanding the scam’s operation and potentially tracking the perpetrators.
      • Investigating the scammer’s supposed backstory and communication patterns may reveal similar cases or networks of scammers.

      If you’ve been a victim of a similar scam, especially involving cryptocurrency trading websites or individuals met through dating apps, sharing your story can help alert others and possibly aid in tracking down the scammers. Please include any details that could be useful for investigations, such as communication logs, transaction records, and any interactions with scammers or fraudulent websites. Your insights could prevent others from falling prey to similar schemes.

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