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      A deeply concerning report has surfaced regarding a cryptocurrency scam associated with MEVBOT.COM. The victim, who is facing terminal illness, intended to leave their crypto assets staked in Shibaswap and in a MetaMask wallet for their daughter—a diligent student and aspiring pilot—as a form of inheritance. Tragically, these assets were illicitly taken by a scammer.

      Key Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website:
      • Scam Operation: The theft occurred via the Shibaswap platform and potentially involved the MetaMask wallet.
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: The specific cryptocurrency was not mentioned, but it was staked on Shibaswap, indicating it could be related to tokens used within that ecosystem.

      You are strongly encouraged to come forward with your story if you have been victimized similarly, whether through MEVBOT.COM or by a scam involving Shibaswap or MetaMask wallets. Your information might be vital in piecing together the activities of the scammer(s) and could potentially aid others in retrieving their stolen assets.

      Sharing your experiences is also a compassionate way to warn others of these nefarious practices and to help safeguard the crypto community against such fraud. Please contribute any additional details or transaction hashes that you may have to assist in the investigation and potential recovery efforts.

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