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      A concerning report has emerged about a cryptocurrency scam originating from a Discord community. An individual using the username “DerrinlewisolOfficial” impersonated an Administrator of the Discord server to gain trust and then directed the victim to The victim, believing they were communicating with the genuine Darren Lewis, was guided through a process that resulted in the transfer of bitcoin from their crypto account to the scammer. Attempts to engage with the platform’s support staff only led to vague responses, and no customer service number was provided, resulting in a total loss of funds.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scammer’s Alias: DerrinlewisolOfficial (Impersonating Darren Lewis)
      • Contact Email:
      • Contact Number: (606) 229-7623
      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scammer’s Reported Location: NY
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency/Investment
      • Reported Loss: $1,000
      • Victim’s Location: CA, USA – ZIP Code 90018
      • Date Reported: January 4, 2024

      This scam serves as a stark reminder of scammers’ sophisticated tactics, including impersonation and the use of legitimate-looking websites to facilitate fraudulent activities.

      If you have encountered DerrinlewisolOfficial, interacted with, or have been a victim of a similar scam, please share your story. Details such as the method of first contact, specific instructions provided by the scammer, transaction details, and any other interactions with the website or individuals involved could be crucial for OSINT investigations. Your information might help in piecing together the operation of these scammers and assist others in avoiding similar traps. Let’s work together to raise awareness and prevent further victims of these deceitful practices.

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