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      Victims of a sophisticated “Pig Butchering” cryptocurrency scam are urged to come forward and share their stories to help prevent further exploitation by these fraudsters.

      A victim reports being deceived into sending a substantial sum of money ($900,000) through a scheme initiated on LinkedIn. The scammer masqueraded as an alumnus of the same European university as the victim to gain trust. Under the guise of engaging in legitimate quantitative cryptocurrency trading, the victim was lured into transferring funds to the scammer.

      Key Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Contact Method: Initial contact made through LinkedIn.
      • Scammer’s Claim: Pretended to be a university alumnus engaging in cryptocurrency trading.
      • Monetary Loss: $900,000
      • Victim’s Location: NY, USA- 10028
      • Scammer’s Contact Number: 1(626) 275-8991
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency (Pig Butchering Scheme)
      • Date Reported: November 9, 2023

      Anyone who has encountered similar circumstances or fallen victim to the same scammer is encouraged to share their experience. Providing details such as the scammer’s communication methods, any known websites, wallet addresses used for transactions, and other contact information can be crucial for OSINT investigations and help in identifying and stopping these fraudsters.

      This alert aims not only to inform and protect potential victims but also to gather information that may assist in the broader fight against such cryptocurrency scams. Remember, genuine investment opportunities do not come from unsolicited contacts and do not guarantee returns without risk.

      Please stay vigilant and conduct thorough research before engaging in any investment opportunities, especially those presented through social media platforms or unsolicited communications.

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