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      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Tom Addams
      • Scam Website:
      • Snapchat of Scammer: bitcoin_x100
      • Receiving Bitcoin Address: bc1qylaljz6cdw9vjeeltqu5ndlvmweg08kq8r2znh

      Victim’s Experience: The victim was drawn into this scam via a recommendation on Snapchat, where an influencer with over 1 million followers endorsed the scammer, Tom Addams. The victim was encouraged to invest $1,000 in a cryptocurrency venture and was later convinced to send an additional $1,000 to finalize a lucrative trade. After the second transaction, the scammer ceased communication, leading to a total loss of $2,000.

      How the Scam Operates: The scammer uses social media platforms to create a facade of legitimacy, often endorsed by popular influencers, to lure victims into sending money under the guise of investment opportunities. This case involves using the legitimate service, Cash App, to solicit funds from victims.

      We urge anyone who has been a victim of Tom Addams or any similar scam to come forward and share their story. Reporting these incidents is critical to helping prevent others from falling victim. Please provide any additional information, such as transaction hashes, screenshots, or other correspondence with the scammer, that could assist in OSINT investigations.

      Note: Always verify the legitimacy of investment opportunities, especially those promoted on social media platforms, and be cautious when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions.

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