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      A concerning scam has been reported involving the cryptocurrency trade company AEX, accessible through and This warning aims to shed light on the deceptive practices employed by individuals associated with AEX, encouraging anyone who has fallen victim to similar scams to come forward with their stories.

      A few months ago, the victim was approached on Telegram by an individual promoting AEX as a reputable investment platform with global recognition and an office in New York. The company purported to offer crypto contracts through options, promising guaranteed profits with a professional analyst and covering any losses incurred.

      The victim was introduced to a company manager named ANNA (Mobile: +44 7407 315551, Telegram: @Anna8180), who assured them of AEX’s legitimacy. Trusting this information, the victim invested $5,000 and began trading with an analyst named Michael C. Greene (@Greene777001), who falsely claimed to be a Senior Portfolio Manager at Newberger Berman Group LLC.

      Despite initial appearances of success, with the account supposedly growing to over $300,000, withdrawal attempts were thwarted by continuous demands for more payments, including taxes allegedly required by for transferring funds. A liaison named Josie (@Josie0878), claiming to represent the IRS, further facilitated this fraud. Eventually, the victim’s account was closed, all communication ceased, and they suffered a loss exceeding $100,000.

      Important Details for OSINT Investigations:

      – Victim’s Location: FL, USA- 33486
      – Date Reported: October 19, 2023

      If you’ve been affected by AEX or have encountered similar fraudulent schemes, please share your experience. Your story is crucial in raising awareness and possibly assisting in tracking down the perpetrators.

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