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      In a disturbing development, reports have emerged of a cryptocurrency scam involving the website, targeting individuals with offers of silver coins and cryptocurrency. This warning aims to highlight the deceptive practices of those behind and Bossup, urging anyone who has experienced similar deceitful tactics to come forward.

      The victim reported paying for silver coins and 1,000 units of cryptocurrency, which were later falsely claimed by the company as a gift for remaining with them. This contradicts the original purchase agreement. Despite receiving the silver coins, the promised cryptocurrency has been withheld. During a company meeting conducted by Bossup, which was attended via Zoom, the victim’s integrity was unjustly attacked, a distressing experience exacerbated by the presence of the victim’s daughter.

      Bossup, in association with Peacecoin, allegedly engages in practices that involve demanding additional funds under various pretenses and failing to deliver promised educational support. The victim has faced repeated embarrassment at meetings and has been given the runaround regarding the release of their 1,000 units of cryptocurrency since 2021. Efforts to transfer the cryptocurrency to Coinbase were thwarted when it was discovered that the assets had been moved to an unknown location, with the victim possessing screenshots of the cryptocurrency’s current whereabouts.

      – Scammer Website:
      – Contact Email:
      – Contact Phone Number: (213) 663-0424
      – Scammer Location: 131 N El Molino Ave, CA
      – Victim Location: NY, USA- 12304
      – Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      – Date Reported: October 17, 2023

      If you’ve been affected by, Bossup, or have fallen victim to a similar cryptocurrency scam, your story is important. Sharing your experience can help warn others and potentially aid collective efforts to address these fraudulent activities.

      This incident serves as a cautionary tale for those involved in or considering cryptocurrency investments. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when dealing with companies offering investment opportunities.

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