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      A detailed scam alert has been issued following a report involving a fraudulent scheme executed through the websites and The scam involved a supposed financial advisor, identifying himself as Chris Ryan Stewart, manipulating victims into transferring funds under the guise of investment opportunities in cryptocurrency.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scammer’s Alias: Chris Ryan Stewart
      • Contact Email:
      • Contact Number: 1(310) 596-7758
      • Fraudulent Websites:,
      • Reported Loss: $4,500
      • Victim Location: MD, USA – ZIP Code 21128
      • Scammer Location: Los Angeles, CA
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: January 12, 2024

      The victim was initially contacted through Telegram, following an inquiry about FOREX financial advisors. The scam unfolded over several weeks, beginning on September 10, 2023, and involved a series of transactions purportedly aimed at setting up and funding a cryptocurrency investment through The victim was led through a convoluted process involving fake tax payments and activation fees, culminating in a total loss of $4,500.

      Important Points for Those Affected:

      • The scammer used sophisticated tactics, including requesting funds through various platforms (XRP/Uphold Wallet, CASHAPP, and Bitcoin transfers).
      • Multiple fraudulent reasons were given for additional payments, including taxes, account activation fees, and false transaction limits.
      • The scam involved communications through email and Telegram, emphasizing the scammer’s preference for encrypted or less traceable communication channels.

      If you have been a victim of a similar scam or interacted with Chris Ryan Stewart,, or through the provided contact information, you are encouraged to share your story. Additional details such as transaction IDs, wallet addresses, specific communications, and other interactions with the scammer or related websites can significantly aid ongoing OSINT investigations. By sharing your experience, you contribute to a broader understanding of this scam’s operations and help prevent further victimization.

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