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      We have received a report concerning a cryptocurrency scam associated with a YouTuber named DEV Connor. Individuals have been led to deposit Ethereum into a contract on Etherscan, which automatically transfers the funds to the scammer’s account.

      Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Scam Name: DEV Connor
      • Platform Used: YouTube
      • DEV Connor Scam Video: (Caution advised)
      • Transaction Hash of Scam Activity: 0xf9ff75bb8d521348a3a811fd8b491bf196a8dc302fa8d5c3a6a2ba1fde72ba4f
      • Amount Lost: 587.74€ in Ethereum

      If you’ve encountered a similar scam or have been victimized by the same individual or scheme, please come forward and share your story. Your information could be crucial in preventing further losses and assisting in investigating this fraudulent activity.

      When sharing your experiences, please include any transaction hashes, addresses, and contact information that may be associated with the scammer. This can help to identify patterns and possibly track down the entity responsible.

      Remember, staying vigilant and sharing information can help protect the community from these scams.

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        Brandon M

          I was also scammed by Dev Connor out of 0.31 ETH ($1,031 USD).

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