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      Dear members,

      We’re delving into the concerning aspects of Dextafin, a website that claims to offer cryptocurrency services. However, multiple red flags and scam accusations have surfaced, prompting a thorough investigation.

      Dextafin and Its Dubious Operations
      – Claims to be a leader in crypto prime dealing, yet its short-lived domain and inactivity raise suspicions.
      – Suspicious Services and Claims: While Dextafin boasts global liquidity and a large user base, there’s a stark contrast between these claims and its actual online presence.

      User Complaint: A Victim’s Experience
      An Illinois resident lost $2853, struggling with withdrawals and unresponsive contacts at Dextafin.

      Details About the Scammer
      – Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
      – Contact:, Phone: (815) 513-8214
      – Website:

      Dextafin’s Dubious Presence
      – Domain Details: Registered for just a year, hosted in Nigeria, hinting at a potential scam.
      – Claims and Services: Dextafin’s claims of vast user base and services lack credible backing.

      Transparency Issues
      – Obscure Background: Dextafin’s About Us page lacks concrete company or team information, raising credibility concerns.

      Contact and Location Analysis
      – 2750 Quadra St. Investigation: No direct link between Dextafin and this address, adding to the suspicions.

      External Reviews and Scamadviser Analysis
      – Scamadviser’s Low Trust Score: Dextafin scores poorly, with indicators like owner anonymity and association with other suspicious sites.
      – User Complaints: Reports of non-responsive support and withdrawal issues corroborate scam suspicions.

      Conclusion: Beware of Dextafin
      Given the gathered evidence, it’s highly probable that Dextafin is a scam. Exercise extreme caution and avoid financial engagements with this platform.

      Thank you for joining this critical discussion on Dextafin. Stay alert and protect yourself from such online scams.

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