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      Scammer Contact Information:

      • Phone Number: +1 (775) 245-8958 (Jennifer), +1 (502) 205-4916 (Oscar Williams)
      • Reported Loss: $21,600
      • Target Location: WI, USA – 53590
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency, Impersonation
      • Date Reported: March 14, 2024

      Description of the Scam: The victim was misled by an intricate scam involving individuals posing as bank fraud department officials. After receiving initial contact from “Jennifer,” who seemed to be helping with a supposed hack, the victim was instructed by “Oscar Williams” to withdraw and deposit large sums of cash into a Bitcoin ATM to protect from further unauthorized transactions. These instructions were framed as urgent actions needed to secure the victim’s finances. The scenario escalated with multiple ATM transactions and ended with a realization of the scam after considerable funds were lost.

      Key Details:

      • Initial contact was made through misleading security alerts.
      • Victims are guided to perform immediate financial moves under the guise of security.
      • Use of Bitcoin ATM to obscure and transfer funds irreversibly.

      If you’ve encountered similar incidents, received calls from these numbers, or been directed to perform suspicious financial activities under pressure, please share your story. Detailed information about the interaction, transaction details, and communication can help prevent others from falling victim to such elaborate scams.

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