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      FBI Guidance for Victims of Cryptocurrency Scams (Alert Number I-082423-PSA)

      Cryptocurrency scams are increasingly prevalent, and knowing how to report them is vital. The FBI’s latest guidance helps victims understand the process and importance of reporting these scams.

      Immediate Steps:

      1. Report to IC3: If you suspect you’re a victim of a crypto scam, immediately file a report with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at
      2. Contact Local FBI Office: You can also reach out to your local FBI field office. Locations can be found at
      3. Be Cautious: Watch out for individuals claiming they can recover your funds, as this could be another scam.

      What Information to Provide:

      Transaction Details: This is crucial. Include cryptocurrency addresses, the amount and type of cryptocurrency, date and time of the transaction, and the transaction ID (hash). These details are typically long strings of letters and numbers.


      • Cryptocurrency Addresses: e.g., 0x58566904f57eac4E9EDd81BbC2f877865ECd35985
      • Amount and Cryptocurrency Type: e.g., 1.02345 ether
      • Dates/Times: e.g., 1 January 2023, 12:01 AM EST
      • Transaction ID (hash): e.g., 0xfa485de419011ceefdd3cd00a4ff64e52bf9a0dfa528e4fff8bb4c9c

      Additional Information:

      • How and where you first encountered the scam.
      • Communications with the scammer, including emails or texts, and their identifiers (names, email addresses, phone numbers).
      • Domain names, website addresses, or applications used by the scammer.
      • Any two-factor authentication or one-time passcode information.
      • Which cryptocurrency exchanges were used.
      • The timeline of the scam.

      Lacking Transaction Information?

      If you don’t have detailed transaction information, still submit a report to the FBI IC3 with as much information as you can provide.

      Why This Matters:

      • Prevention and Education: Your report can help the FBI track scam patterns and prevent future frauds.
      • Community Awareness: Sharing your experience on platforms like this can educate and protect others in the crypto community.

      Remember: Timely reporting can make a significant difference. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and help combat cryptocurrency scams.

      Disclaimer: This post is based on the FBI’s guidance (Alert Number I-082423-PSA) and is for informational purposes only.

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