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      Attention is urgently needed regarding a scam operation involving a website, go, which falsely presents itself as affiliated with the CBOE exchange and Robin OTC. A victim reported being lured into transferring $600 in cryptocurrency with the promise of investment returns. This situation escalated with false claims of a significant deposit made into their account, followed by a demand for tax payments on nonexistent gains.

      Scam Details:

      • Initial Loss: $600
      • Demanded Additional Payment: $13,000 (Claimed taxes on a fabricated $60,000 deposit)
      • Platform: go
      • Claimed Location: Memo Park, CA
      • Reported Contact Number: (111) 111-1111 (Note: This number is likely fictitious)
      • Date of Incident: The account opened in February 2023; the scam escalated on January 19, 2024
      • Victim’s Location: BC, Canada – V3B 7N3
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

      The victim was initially convinced to deposit cryptocurrency with the promise of being part of a legitimate trading platform. However, the withdrawal attempt was denied due to a purportedly low credit rating. Subsequently, the scammer fabricated a scenario involving a large deposit from Chase Bank in the US, followed by an illegitimate tax demand.

      This report serves as a critical alert for individuals and investigators to be aware of this scam operation. Using reputable exchange names and complex narratives involving unexpected financial gains are tactics that confuse and coerce victims into making further payments.

      If you have experienced a similar scam or have interacted with go or any entity claiming to be associated with Robin OTC or CBOE exchange, sharing your experience is crucial. Your insights can help alert others and possibly aid in broader investigations to identify and stop these scammers.

      Please exercise utmost caution with unsolicited investment opportunities, especially those requiring upfront payments or personal financial information. Before engaging with or transferring funds, verify the legitimacy of any platform or company through independent, reputable sources.

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