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      Alert to the community: Please be cautious of a Bitcoin scam that has recently been reported.

      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Isabella
      • Contact: Instagram account (isabella__.fx_)
      • Fraudulent Claims: Guidance on purchasing and trading Bitcoin for profits
      • Scam Method: Victims are persuaded to purchase Bitcoin via Cash App and then transfer it to another address under the guise of investment and account upgrading.
      • Additional Demands: Requests for more funds to ‘upgrade accounts’ and ‘recover profits.’

      Transaction Information:

      • Transaction Hash: c10cff0e89a10ac1ba113851481cc55354430f9c4662d3f5a540c975b6f699c3
      • Receiving Address: bc1qrweqx37zl6welfn7kp2chjuset93tefemvupgw

      The individual named Isabella has allegedly scammed a victim, leading to the loss of funds under the pretense of making significant profits from Bitcoin trading. If you or someone you know has been contacted by this person or any similar entity promising high returns on Bitcoin investments, please be extremely cautious.

      Please share your experiences and relevant information, such as transaction hashes, wallet addresses, and communication records. Doing so can help prevent further victims and assist in any ongoing investigations. Legitimate traders or investment opportunities will never request funds sent to private addresses for ‘upgrading accounts’ or similar activities.

      Stay vigilant and always verify the credibility of investment opportunities before sending funds.

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