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      Caution: Potential Scam Targeting Military Personnel

      Members of our community, particularly those serving in the military, have reported a concerning scam named “GOLD PIPS FX.” This scam preys on the trust and hard-earned money of our service members.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Altcoins
      • Transaction Hash: 0xc9146e9c8e79ef7220fd747c765c7097a8dbc61b4fedd2e1593fe7827d5d08c1
      • Scam Name: GOLD PIPS FX
      • Reported Scam Website URL: The website provided links to Trust Wallet, which is a legitimate service, but the actual scam may be associated with a different URL, possibly masquerading as a legitimate investment platform.
      • Transfers: Multiple USDT transfers, with a network fee paid in ETH, indicate that the transactions occurred on the Ethereum blockchain.

      Please be aware that the scam involves altcoins and possibly imitates legitimate investment platforms or wallets to mislead victims. Service members and the wider community should be vigilant and cautious when approached with unsolicited investment opportunities, especially those promising high returns.

      If you have interacted with GOLD PIPS FX or have made any transactions related to this scam, sharing your experience can greatly assist in open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. Please share details of any transactions, communications, or other relevant information you may have.

      Even if the transaction amounts might seem small individually, collectively they add up, and your report can help unveil larger patterns of fraudulent activity. Your input can contribute to the effort to trace the scammers and warn potential victims.

      If you have encountered GOLD PIPS FX or similar schemes, please come forward and share your story. Your testimony can help prevent these predators from exploiting others within our community.

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