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      This firm is providing or promoting financial services without proper authorization. They may be targeting UK residents. Refrain from any dealings with them.

      Unauthorized Firm Details:

      • Name: HighBTCstock
      • Address: 20 Canada Square, London, UNITED KINGDOM, E14 5NN
      • Telephone: +442038465534, +442038465535
      • Email:
      • Website:

      If you have been scammed by HighBTCstock, please share your story to help others avoid this fraud.

      HighBTCstock Reviews

      HighBTCStock has a TrustScore of 1.5 out of 5, with 85% of reviews rating it as 1-star. Users describe it as a scam, highlighting difficulties in withdrawing funds and poor customer service. Many reviewers claim they could not retrieve their initial investments and were asked to deposit more money under false pretenses.

      One reviewer states, “Big waste of time. They take money and never reply to emails.” Another echoes this sentiment, “Complete fraud! You won’t get your funds back. Avoid at all costs.” Multiple users report that their accounts were blocked after making deposits, and customer service became unresponsive, leaving them unable to access their funds.

      There are numerous accusations of aggressive and deceitful practices. One reviewer notes, “Scammers! They block accounts after deposits and don’t respond.” Another warns, “Arnaqueurs! Impossible to withdraw funds. Stay away from this site.”

      Additionally, reviewers advise others to take legal action. “File a complaint with the police or relevant authorities,” suggests one user. Many reviews emphasize that HighBTCStock’s operations are fraudulent, with one reviewer stating, “Fraud, don’t deposit money. They block your account and no one contacts you again.”

      In summary, the overwhelming consensus is that HighBTCStock is a fraudulent platform that lures investors with false promises and prevents them from accessing their funds. Users strongly advise avoiding this platform and warn potential investors to stay away to avoid financial loss. If you’ve been scammed by HighBTCStock, please share your story to help others avoid this fraud.

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