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      Urgent Warning: Unauthorized Loan Activities Reported

      A person has alerted us to unauthorized loan activities carried out under their name. They received a loan confirmation they did not apply for, suggesting a serious case of identity theft. We urge anyone who has experienced similar incidents to come forward and share their stories.

      Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Scamming Entity: Allegedly “Bridge Loans”
      • Contact Email of Scammer:
      • Address Linked to Scammer: 1048B Sagamore Pkwy W. #1008 West Lafayette, IN 47906

      This case points towards a potential scam in which victims’ identities are used to apply for loans without their consent. This is a serious offense that can lead to financial loss and damage to credit reputation.

      If You Have Been Affected:

      • Share any additional information you may have, including the URL where the loan was supposedly applied for, further correspondence from the scammers, or any other contact details that could be related to this case.
      • Do not interact with or authorize any requests from the suspicious email, and report the activity to local authorities and any implicated financial institutions.

      Please share your experiences to help build a case against this fraudulent activity and protect future potential victims.

      Stay vigilant,

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