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      • Reported Contact Number: +1 (321) 233-9097, also answers +1 (844) 509-3540
      • Reported Loss: $8,500
      • Target Location: WA, USA – 98372
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: March 3, 2024
      • Scammer Location: FL

      Description of the Scam: A victim searching for Coinbase’s contact information mistakenly typed “coinbase contact ninfo” into a search engine and contacted a number that appeared under this query. This mistake led to an interaction with an individual claiming to be “Steven,” a Coinbase customer service representative. This person persuaded the victim to allow remote access to their computer under the guise of assisting with setting up a dormant Coinbase account. During the session, the scammer accessed the victim’s digital wallet’s recovery key and transferred about $8,300 worth of Bitcoin to an unknown address. Efforts to reclaim the funds have been unsuccessful, and reports have been filed with Coinbase and the police.

      Please share your story if you’ve had a similar experience or encountered this phone number or individual claiming to be from Coinbase. Details such as any additional contact information, the methods used by the scammer, and any responses you received from official channels can be invaluable in preventing others from falling victim to the same scam.

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