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      Greetings Forum Members,

      Today, we’re dissecting the websites and to evaluate their legitimacy. This analysis is prompted by concerns and complaints surrounding these platforms, especially regarding their operations in the cryptocurrency and investment domain. A Brief Overview
      – Registration: Through on February 2, 2023.
      – Functionality: Appeared to offer cryptocurrency and investment services.
      – Language Focus: Content in both English and Japanese.
      – Activity Span: Active until September 2023.
      – Red Flags: Limited backlinks and broken links.

      Google Cache and Link
      – Cache Anomaly: A preserved page from is linked to
      – Contact Information: Only an email address ( is found, with no physical address.
      Implication: This raises questions about possible redirection or cloning of the website. Analysis
      – Registration and Score: Registered in 2023, with a low SEMrush Authority score.
      – Privacy Policy: Matches’s, leading to suspicions about its origins.
      – Red Flags in Privacy Policy: References to a non-existent CEMGroups Limited and claims of incorporation in the Republic of Seychelles.

      Concerning Observations on
      – Claims of Regulation: Despite being a new site, claims of being regulated since 2014.
      – Website Quality: Basic design and generic content.
      – Inconsistencies: Claims of a long operational history clash with its recent registration.

      Online Reputation and Reviews
      – Mixed Trust Scores: Varied reviews online, some suggesting dubious practices.
      – Scam Listings: Notably listed on

      Wayback Machine Insight on
      – Focus: Cryptocurrency and blogging advice, tailored to a Japanese audience.
      – Historical Content: Captured until May 2023, but with inaccessible later content.

      Community Reports and Online Feedback
      – Negative Trust Scores: Poor ratings from and Scam Detector.
      – Reddit Discussions: Users report withdrawal issues and financial anomalies.
      – Domain Changes: Noted for frequently changing domain names, a common evasion tactic.

      Final Thoughts
      Both and exhibit several characteristics typical of online scams. From their mismatched information and dubious privacy policies to user-reported issues, these platforms warrant a high degree of skepticism.

      Thank you for your attention.

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