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      A concerning scam report has emerged involving the platform, where individuals are promised guaranteed profits through a program called “1V1”. Investors are left unable to withdraw their funds, facing unjust demands and threats. A victim has come forward after losing over $5,000, with total withheld funds nearing $78,000, including amounts from family members’ accounts.

      Scam Details:

      • Victim’s Loss: $5,000 personally, with family members affected as well
      • Total Withheld: Close to $78,000
      • Targeted Person’s Location: QC, Canada (G0V 1L0)
      • Scammer Contact Information:
      • Phone: (257) 206-1966
      • Website:
      • Location: Madison Square, NY (10010)
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency/Investment Scam
      • Date Reported: November 27, 2023

      Key Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Phone Number: The provided number ((257) 206-1966) could be pivotal in tracing the scam’s operators or identifying similar scams.
      • Website URL: is directly linked to the scam operation. Analysis of this site may uncover hosting details, domain registration information, and possibly other connected fraudulent activities.
      • Investment Program ‘1V1’: The details of this program, including any terms and conditions presented to victims, could help in understanding the scam’s operational tactics.

      If you’ve encountered or have been involved in a similar scam, sharing your story is crucial. Your insights can help in:

      • Identifying Scam Patterns: Understanding how these scammers operate can alert and protect potential victims.
      • Supporting Affected Individuals: Sharing experiences and advice can offer valuable support to those impacted.
      • Aiding in Investigations: Information shared could assist law enforcement or cybercrime units in tracking down the perpetrators.

      Your voice can make a difference. Together, we can bring attention to these fraudulent activities and help prevent future victims. If you’ve been affected by or a similar scam, please come forward and share your experience.

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