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      An alarming cryptocurrency scam has been reported, involving a complex investment scheme promising a 300% return over two years through a process described as staking. Victims were guided through a series of platform changes, starting with a transfer of funds to the HOO exchange, then to a platform initially called Hyperverse, which later morphed into Hyperfund, and finally, HyperNation. Despite initial promises and visible daily rewards, the withdrawal functionality was suspended, leaving investors unable to access their funds.

      Scam Details:

      • Location of Targeted Individual: MD, USA – 21236
      • Scammer’s Contact Number: (678) 755-3779
      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Amount Lost: $20,000
      • Date Reported: January 22, 2024
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

      Prominent figures associated with this scheme include Sidney Lloyd, also known as “Sid the Crypto Kid,” and Rodney “Bitcoin Rodney” Burton, who was reportedly apprehended for promoting the scam to celebrities. Media outlets such as Rolling Stones magazine covered these events in January 2024.

      For OSINT Investigations:

      • The scammer’s phone number and the progression of platform names could be critical in tracing the operation’s history and uncovering additional fraudulent activities.
      • The involvement of known personalities might offer leads on promotional materials, social media posts, or other public endorsements that could provide more context and evidence.

      If you’ve encountered Sidney Lloyd or Rodney Burton or have been involved with the Hyperverse, Hyperfund, or HyperNation platforms and suffered financial loss, sharing your experience could be vital. Your story might help others recognize similar scams and could contribute valuable information to ongoing investigations into these fraudulent activities.

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