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      A troubling report has surfaced regarding, an investment platform claiming substantial returns on cryptocurrency investments. A victim has come forward detailing a loss of $4,500 after being unable to withdraw supposed earnings from the site. Despite an alleged balance of over $6,000, withdrawal attempts have failed. The victim was further instructed to transfer an additional $160 into a ‘trust wallet’ via coinflip to access their funds, which also led to no success.

      If you have experienced similar issues with or have been in contact via their support email ( or phone number ((372) 880-3321), please come forward. Sharing your story can aid in a collective OSINT investigation and help prevent further fraudulent activity. Your detailed accounts are crucial for unearthing connections and patterns that could lead to a better understanding of the scam’s operations.

      Victims in PA, USA-16002, and beyond who have been affected by this cryptocurrency scam since its December 21, 2023 report are encouraged to contribute any additional information they may have. Every piece of data can be vital in tracking down these scammers.

      Please share your experiences and any relevant details to assist others in avoiding similar pitfalls and to support ongoing investigations into and associated activities.

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