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      • Scammer Profile Name: James Radcliffe
      • Scam Website/Platform: Facebook
      • Reported Loss: $10,000
      • Target Location: CO, USA – 80004
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: March 4, 2024
      • Business Name: Finstate Investment

      Description of the Scam: The victim was contacted on Facebook by someone who appeared to be a former coworker, James Radcliffe. This familiarity was exploited to convince the victim to invest in a platform called Finstate Investment. After transferring cryptocurrency into this platform, the victim was informed of supposed profits and then asked to pay a fee to withdraw these profits. This scenario raised red flags as it followed a typical pattern of an advance-fee scam.

      If you’ve encountered James Radcliffe on Facebook or have any experiences with Finstate Investment, please share your story. Details about how you were approached, the nature of the interactions, and any correspondence or transactions could be crucial in helping others identify and avoid similar scams.

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