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      Scam Alert: Fraudulent Job Offer on WhatsApp and Telegram

      I wish to alert the community about a sophisticated job scam involving an entity falsely presenting itself as “Eagle Hills company.” An individual named Lisa Arya contacted me on WhatsApp with a job offer, which later moved to Telegram for daily tasks involving rating hotels and restaurants. The scam operates under the guise of a pay-per-task system, with a catch: after every fifth task, a deposit is required to unlock further tasks with promised high returns.

      Scam Details:

      • Contact Names: Lisa Arya (purportedly from Eagle Hills)
      • Platforms Used: WhatsApp, Telegram
      • Operation: Job offer to rate services, requiring deposits after every fifth task
      • Amount Lost: $1,400 USD
      • Current Status: Blocked after deposit, no recovery of funds

      Contact Information and Warning Signs:

      • No official affiliation with Eagle Hills
      • Requirement of deposit for work-related tasks
      • Immediate block on communication channels after receiving funds

      This post warns individuals and communities to be vigilant against such deceptive practices. If you have experienced a similar scam or have any information regarding the perpetrators, such as additional contact details or related wallet addresses, please share your story. This can help create awareness and potentially aid in tracking down the scam operators.

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