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      Hello everyone,

      Today, we delve into the intricacies of Jubi, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, following a complaint we received about its operations.

      Jubi Overview, operational since 1997 and registered with GoDaddy, presents itself as one of China’s earliest Bitcoin trading platforms. It boasts a broad range of services and a notable online presence, with a 4% Semrush Authority Score and significant backlink support. However, a recent complaint raises questions about its legitimacy and user safety.

      Jubi Services and Features
      Jubi offers a variety of cryptocurrency-related services, including mining projects, Jubi Earn for interest on deposits, and a unique blockchain node concept. It also features its native Jubi Token (JT) for platform transactions. The platform provides a mobile app and supports English language, indicating a global user base.

      Recent News
      Jubi has recently shifted focus to regulatory compliance and global expansion. Operating under an exemption license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, it emphasizes user education in the blockchain sector and aims to develop a rich ecosystem in areas like DeFi and GameFi.

      Complaints and Concerns
      – A user from Arizona, USA, reported losing $700 to They described how they were led to invest in crypto trading, only to find withdrawal obstacles, including a requirement to deposit $3000 before any withdrawal.
      – Another user reported similar issues and was asked to deposit $18,000 to access their funds.

      Jubi’s Legitimacy
      Despite its longstanding presence and comprehensive services, these complaints cast a shadow over Jubi’s credibility. The platform, along with its associated domains like and, needs thorough examination.

      In light of these concerns, we advise potential users to exercise caution and conduct extensive research before engaging with Jubi or any cryptocurrency platform. Always seek professional advice for significant financial decisions.

      Have you had any experiences with Jubi or similar platforms? Please share your stories or seek advice if you’ve encountered issues.

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          Potential Cryptocurrency Scam Involving “Jubi” Trading Platform

          • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
          • Reported Loss: $4,000 initially, with $12,000 currently inaccessible
          • Target Location: CA, USA – 95826
          • Date Reported: March 8, 2024
          • Scammer Alias: Kelly
          • Interaction Platform: Telegram

          Description of the Scam: Kelly, who claimed to be from Singapore, contacted the victim. After initial friendly exchanges via text, they moved communication to Telegram. Kelly shared her story of being in an abusive relationship and expressed a desire to make friends in the US. She introduced the victim to trading gold on the Jubi platform, convincing them to transfer $4,000 into the platform via and a crypto wallet. Initially, the trades appeared profitable, offering 40% returns. However, Kelly soon began pressuring the victims to increase their investment to participate in higher-stake trades, which raised suspicions. The victim has since ceased communication but cannot withdraw their funds from Jubi.

          If you have had similar experiences with someone named Kelly, used the Jubi platform for trading, or encountered similar scenarios on Telegram, please share your story. Details such as how you were contacted, the communication methods used, and any transactions can help others recognize and avoid similar scams.

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            Severe Investment Scam Involving Jubi

            • Reported Contact Number: +1 (347) 257-5380
            • Reported Loss: $100,000
            • Target Location: CA, USA – 93314
            • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
            • Date Reported: March 6, 2024
            • Scammer Location: Santa Monica, CA

            Description of the Scam: The victim reports being unable to withdraw funds from their Jubi account after paying significant sums for taxes and validation fees and being fined for alleged inside trading—a charge they were previously assured would not be levied. Despite assurances that no additional fees would be required and that withdrawals would be processed, the victim experienced escalating demands for money. The account has since been frozen, and threats have been made demanding a further $33,000 fine, all while the victim’s funds remain inaccessible.

            Please share your story if you have experienced similar issues with Jubi or any other investment platform that required upfront payments and subsequent withdrawal difficulties. Specific details such as the payment methods, additional contact information, or correspondence with the scammers could be instrumental in helping others avoid these fraudulent schemes.

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              They have repeatedly told me the same thing and are requesting that I make a deposit of approximately 18,000 to receive my funds.

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