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      Hey everyone,

      Today, we’re taking a closer look at Live Binary Trade (, a platform that’s been catching a lot of attention in the financial markets for its live investing services and binary options trading. Let’s break down what this platform offers and the potential risks involved.

      About Live Binary Trade

      Live Binary Trade positions itself as an asset management platform specializing in binary options and live trading services. While the allure of real-time trading and market fluctuations can be appealing, it’s crucial to remember that binary options are known for their speculative nature and high risk. The regulatory landscape around binary options is complex, with many authorities warning about associated risks and fraudulent activities.

      Investment Schemes on Offer

      The platform provides various investment schemes like Starter, Basic, Gold, Mega, and Diamond. Each scheme promises a different level of returns and cashback profits, with promises of substantial returns within a short period. Such high returns, however, should be approached with skepticism, as they often signal unrealistic or fraudulent promises.

      Claims Made by Live Binary Trade

      Live Binary Trade asserts its focus on long-term success, capital preservation, and bringing proficiency to every deal. While these claims sound appealing, it’s important to independently verify such statements and not take them at face value.

      Contact Information and Red Flags

      The contact information provided includes an address in the USA, a Missouri phone number, and an email address. However, the social media links are non-functional, which is a red flag. Limited or false contact information is often a hallmark of dubious platforms.

      User Reviews and Complaints

      A review filed with the BBB mentions a user being scammed for $520, highlighting issues with transaction fees and withdrawal reversals. This account raises serious concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and its handling of client funds.

      How to Protect Yourself

      When dealing with investment platforms, it’s vital to educate yourself, diversify your investments, set realistic goals, use reputable exchanges, secure your wallets, and stay alert to potential scams. Avoid platforms that promise guaranteed high returns with little to no risk.


      In summary, while Live Binary Trade may offer attractive investment schemes, the red flags, such as unrealistic returns and dubious contact information, cannot be ignored. The high-risk nature of binary options trading, combined with the platform’s questionable practices, suggest that it’s essential to proceed with caution. Remember, if something seems too good to be true in the investment world, it probably is.

      Share your experiences or thoughts about Live Binary Trade in the comments below, and let’s help each other make informed and safe investment choices!

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