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      Kristina McFadyen initially contacted me on Messenger, expressing interest in my vehicle, and over time, we developed a “friendship.” Our conversations evolved to our respective professions, and she broached the topic of forex trading, offering to introduce it to me. My husband and I decided to invest at the bronze level. Ten days later, we were told we had “earned” $20,450. However, we were unexpectedly asked to pay a 15% commission upfront, a detail not disclosed earlier. We had assumed it would be deducted from our profits. During discussions with her and her boss, Mike, who I suspect is Michael Diego Carlson, it was agreed that we would pay half of this fee initially and the remainder once the funds were available.

      Unfortunately, I mistakenly bought Bitcoin Cash, which they claimed they couldn’t access. Despite having invested all our available funds, which they were aware of, they continued to demand more money. They dismissed my concerns as paranoia and irrational behavior, making empty promises and constantly requesting additional funds. As a result, we are now out nearly $7,000.

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