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      Attention, community members! A highly concerning report has emerged about a sophisticated cryptocurrency scam that has already led to a substantial financial loss. The scam involves the fraudulent websites and An individual, using a fake profile under the name Anni Yang on LinkedIn, reportedly befriended the victim before guiding them toward these sites under the guise of lucrative cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

      Essential Details:

      • Amount Lost: $240,000
      • Target’s Location: CA, USA- 92563
      • Scammer’s Alleged Location: Beverly Hills, CA
      • Contact Phone Number: (707) 868-8600
      • Fraudulent Websites: &
      • Nature of Scam: Cryptocurrency investment scam
      • Date Reported: February 12, 2024

      The victim was coaxed into transferring a significant sum of money, lured by promises of high returns. However, when attempting to withdraw the purported profits, they discovered the funds were inaccessible.

      If you’ve encountered a similar scam, especially one involving the websites or individuals mentioned, please come forward with your story. Sharing specifics about your interactions, the progression of the scam, and any communication details can help raise awareness and possibly prevent further victims.

      The report has been filed with the FBI, FTC, and local police in Murrieta, CA, highlighting the seriousness of this issue. Your contribution by sharing additional information or experiences can be invaluable in the collective fight against such deceptive practices.

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