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      • Scam Websites:
      • Reported Loss: $100,000
      • Target Location: GA, USA – 30028
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: April 5, 2024
      • Scammer Contact Information:
      • Email:

      Description of the Scam: Victims were enticed to join the HRT Cryptocurrency group, promising lucrative returns from a new cryptocurrency expected to triple in value upon market release. After months of trading and building trust, victims were persuaded to transfer their assets into this new cryptocurrency via and Subsequently, the scammer claimed the need to shut down the websites for updates to accommodate the new coin, instructing victims to wait a month for access. After this period, the websites went offline permanently, the scammer disappeared, and no further contact was made.

      If you have encountered similar websites, have interacted with the provided email, or have any information related to this scam, please share your experiences. Details from your interactions, such as screenshots, transaction records, wallet addresses where funds were transferred, and any correspondence, are crucial for helping others identify and avoid these scams.

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