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      Issued on: 08/03/2024

      Concerning Website: [ (Proceed with caution)

      Advisory Summary: MAXMINING INVESTMENT allegedly provides financial services or products within the UK without proper authorization. Engagements with such entities are highly risky and are strongly advised against due to the high possibility of fraudulent activity.

      OSINT Investigation Details:

      • Registered Address: Sussex Gardens, London, UNITED KINGDOM, W2 2RJ
      • Email Correspondence:
      • Website in Question:

      Please exercise caution and verify any company’s legitimacy and regulatory status before initiating financial transactions. Unauthorized firms are not regulated and, therefore, may not offer any legal protection in case of fraud.

      If you’ve had dealings with MAXMINING INVESTMENT or have information that could be relevant, such as transaction receipts, communication logs, or additional contact details, please share your experiences. Your input could significantly aid open-source intelligence-gathering efforts and help others avoid falling prey to similar schemes.

      Have you been affected by MAXMINING INVESTMENT or encountered their unlicensed operations? Sharing your account can be instrumental in warning others and contributing to broader awareness. Your story is valuable; please contribute to the community’s safety by recounting your experience.

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