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      Hello everyone,

      I wanted to share my experience with the Bitf cryptocurrency trading platform, particularly, which I believe is crucial for anyone considering using their services.

      Recently, I was defrauded of a significant amount – $15,000 in USDT, by This experience has led me to deeply suspect that this site is engaged in fraudulent activities., as I discovered, is a platform claiming to be “The World’s Largest Crypto Copy Trading Platform,” promising the opportunity to copy trade with “10,000+ Elite Traders at Zero Cost to Earn Higher Profits.” It also advertises a “Global Trading Competition” with a prize pool of 100 BTC and boasts of partnerships with entities like Juventus and PGL Major.

      However, several red flags have come to my attention:

      • The promise of high returns with little to no risk is always a warning sign in any investment platform.
      • The absence of detailed company information, regulatory compliance, and contact details made me question the legitimacy of the platform.
      • The website is essentially a single page leading to app download links, bypassing standard security protocols of official app stores by offering an APK file for download.
      • The claimed partnerships with well-known entities seemed unverifiable and questionable.

      Given these concerns, and my personal experience of financial loss, I strongly urge anyone considering using to be extremely cautious. If you have had similar experiences, I encourage you to share them. It’s important for us to bring these issues to light and help others avoid potential scams.

      Stay safe and always do your due diligence before investing.

      Best regards,


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