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      I wanted to share my recent experience with a company called Elland Road Capital, which I fear might be involved in questionable practices.

      In October 2023, I embarked on my Bitcoin investment journey, only to find myself unwittingly associated with Elland Road Capital. At first, they required a series of documents and information, which struck me as overly stringent. This, I thought, was perhaps a tactic to establish their legitimacy and foster expectations of substantial earnings in the foreign stock market.

      Initially, they requested a deposit of $250. However, as time progressed, their persuasive methods and claimed expertise led me to increase my investment incrementally, eventually totaling a significant $7,000. Alarmingly, a considerable portion of this amount constituted borrowed funds, pushed by their insistence on urgent action.

      My suspicions were first aroused in late November 2023 when I discovered that my access to the investment platform was inexplicably locked. This unexpected occurrence led me to suspect fraudulent activity. Interestingly, the following day, the platform was operational again.

      An account manager from Elland Road Capital promptly contacted me, pressing me to continue trading and make further deposits. Given my financial situation, I expressed my desire to withdraw my funds instead of investing more. Nonetheless, the manager persistently urged me to engage in trading, disregarding my refusal to make additional deposits.

      I’m sharing this experience to caution others in this community. Please be vigilant and conduct thorough research before investing, especially with entities like Elland Road Capital. If anyone else has had similar experiences or any information about this company, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

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