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      Dear Members,

      Our latest review focuses on the website Ouknm, located at This review is a thorough investigation prompted by a growing number of complaints and scam alerts associated with this platform.

      Ouknm – An In-Depth Review

      A complaint dated February 9, 2023, shared by one of our partners from an individual in the USA, highlights a loss exceeding $1400. The person in question deposited $1200 for crypto trading on Ouknm and, despite apparent profits, faced issues with fund withdrawal and unresponsive customer service.

      Website Analysis:

      Registered through Pte. Ltd. on August 8, 2020, for three years, is protected by Cloudflare and appears to be based in Hong Kong, China. Despite its considerable traffic, primarily from Indonesia and the UAE, the website has a low Semrush Authority Score and lacks credible backlinks.

      At present, the main site is inaccessible, and only a subdomain,, is reachable. This subdomain, designed primarily for mobile use, displays limited and dubious information.

      Red Flags and User Complaints

      The lack of clear company information, contact details, and the presence of numerous user complaints significantly undermine the credibility of Ouknm. Reports on consumer complaint forums reveal that users have experienced frozen accounts, unexplained demands for additional deposits, and fraudulent requests for a “verification fee” to unfreeze accounts, all leading to substantial financial losses.

      Notably, some users reported being introduced to the platform by individuals met on social media platforms like Instagram. These users faced similar issues with frozen accounts and demands for additional funds, often with no resolution despite complying with these demands.

      Ouknm Scam – Conclusive Warning

      In conclusion, presents multiple signs of being a scam:

      1. A notable lack of transparency regarding company details and contact information.
      2. A pattern of complaints involving frozen accounts and requests for additional funds.
      3. Unresponsive customer service and failure to process withdrawals.

      Given these findings, we strongly advise our community members to steer clear of Ouknm and exercise caution when engaging with online trading platforms. If you have encountered similar issues with Ouknm or other platforms, please share your experiences in the comments below.

      If you have been a victim of such scams, there are resources available to assist you in recovering your funds. Do not hesitate to reach out for support.

      Stay vigilant and informed.

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