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      Now they are threatening me with interest for the supposedly established BTC account. I do not know I do not remember. They have my details and phone number. They claim that I created an account in 2021 on their platform and they are owed about $1,000 to maintain it. And they will send me a bill. I’ve never heard anything so stupid.

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          Hello Jan,

          Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Despite the threats you are receiving, it’s important to remain calm and collected in these situations.

          Firstly, verifying any claim about financial obligations or accounts is essential, especially those you don’t remember creating. The demand for payment to maintain a BTC account you don’t recall setting up is highly suspect and typical of scam tactics.

          Here are some steps you can take:

          1. Do Not Pay: If uncertain about the claim’s authenticity, do not agree to send any money. Scammers often pressure victims to make quick payments.

          2. Verify Independently: Attempt to verify the existence of this account through independent means. Do not use any contact information they provide. Instead, if the platform is legitimate, contact their official customer service channels as listed on their genuine website.

          3. Secure Your Information: Since they have your personal details and phone number, consider how they might have obtained this information. It might be wise to change passwords and secure accounts that might also be vulnerable.

          4. Document Everything: Keep a record of all communications from these individuals for evidence. This documentation can be valuable for law enforcement.

          5. Report to Authorities: Consider reporting this incident to local law enforcement and relevant financial authorities. Law enforcement should be notified in cases involving threats and extortion.

          6. Consult a Professional: If the situation escalates or you need more specific advice, consulting with a professional from a company like CNC Intelligence could guide you on how to proceed, especially in tracing potential fraudulent activity linked to your name.

          It’s distressing to deal with such scenarios, but these steps will help protect your interests and potentially stop the scammers from targeting others. Please keep us updated, and do not hesitate to ask for more help.

          Best regards,

          ScamCrypto Forum Moderator

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