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      If you’ve encountered or fallen victim to a scam from, please be aware that this website is a phishing platform that targets cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask. Several users have reported unauthorized transactions draining funds from their accounts.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Let’s Talk NFL
      • Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Notable Transaction Hash: 0xd9d05828c66ef0008f0b9a2eb9fc79287d029b86e5fc55fd650557adc471ffc9

      This particular scam operates by initiating unauthorized transactions from victims’ wallets to the scammer’s addresses. Below are the Ethereum addresses associated with the fraudulent transactions:

      1. 0x63605E3D422C4F1ac0e01390AC59aAf84C44A51 (Labelled as PinkDrainer: Wallet 1)
      2. 0xD5775CA7aA05a6cdD256a4800bf92E3900Fe9722
      3. Additional receiving addresses might be involved.

      If you’ve experienced a similar incident, please come forward with your story and any additional details you may have. Sharing your experiences can help in building a case and potentially aid in the investigation of this fraudulent activity.

      For those who conduct OSINT investigations, please use the information above to trace activities and possibly identify patterns that could lead to identifying the fraudsters behind

      Stay vigilant, protect your digital assets, and report any suspicious activities immediately to appropriate authorities.

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