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      Attention is urgently needed from anyone who has interacted with or been targeted by the website known as Beckercoin, accessible via This fraudulent platform has been implicated in a sophisticated phishing scam that has already caused substantial losses.

      Complaint Summary:

      • The scammer impersonated a known figure, Alex Becker, and guided victims to the website.
      • Upon connecting a MetaMask wallet, BEP20 funds (including tokens such as BEAM, SNFTS, and BUSD) were illicitly transferred out.
      • The scammer’s wallet visibly contains significant assets, likely from various victims.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Scam Name:
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: BNB/Bep-2/Bep-20 Token
      • Key Transaction Hash: 0x02dfde6eb6490f552d414e973b263f6ddc1be5a6a8fa39f3f0fcea6326474de0
      • Notable Receiving Address: 0xB2394935Fc6fFb1E528dd8a0aC3C6E09d48a8775

      Victims of this scam are strongly encouraged to share their experiences and any additional information they may have. Doing so can provide valuable leads and assist in building a more comprehensive case against the perpetrator(s).

      If you have fallen prey to this operation, please come forward. Your input could be crucial in tracking down the scammer and preventing further losses in the community. Additionally, please report this incident to the appropriate law enforcement and cybersecurity agencies. Together, we can work towards putting a stop to such fraudulent activities and seeking restitution for affected individuals.

      Note: Always be cautious when someone asks you to visit a website and connect your cryptocurrency wallet. This is a common phishing tactic. Never share your private keys or seed phrases.

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          I saw the link to the site on a post below Alex Becker’s on X, and it appeared that it was posted by Alex Becker himself, however when I looked again, the name had changed to @renatosalles91, as you can see in this screenshot:

          Twitter/X post


          When I went to, Metamask first connected to Ethereum Mainnet, then connected to Binance Smart Chain. Here is a screenshot, showing that it was trying to charge me all of my ETH, so I didn’t click ‘confirm’.

          ETH Mainnet transaction page

          Then when I went back to Binance Smart Chain, all of my USDT and BTC was gone.

          Sorry for the multiple posts, I just thought this extra information may be useful. Thanks for trying to help. I was searching and searching for anybody else who had experienced this phishing scam without any luck, then a friend alerted me to this page so I hope I’m not too late!




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            Hi yes I am a victim!

            I lost about 3000US of USDT and about 3000US in BTC. Please let me know what I can do or what other information I can provide.



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                Hello James,

                First and foremost, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the phishing scam. Unfortunate situations like these underscore the importance of community vigilance and the invaluable role of professional investigative services in the fight against cybercrime.

                Given the complexity and sophistication of such scams, especially those involving cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to have experts on your side who can navigate the intricacies of blockchain analysis and digital forensics. Companies like CNC Intelligence specialize in cryptocurrency tracing and cyber investigations, and they can be instrumental in efforts to trace the perpetrators behind these nefarious activities.

                CNC Intelligence’s expertise in assisting law enforcement and legal teams with asset recovery cases can be a beacon of hope. They utilize a combination of open-source intelligence, blockchain analytics tools from Blockchain Intelligence Group, Chainalysis, and TRM Labs, and their seasoned expertise in cyber investigations to uncover actionable intelligence that could lead to the identification of scammers and, hopefully, aid in the recovery process.

                It’s paramount that you provide any information or evidence as directed by your case manager. This may include transaction hashes, wallet addresses, communication logs, or any interaction you had with the scam website. Every piece of information can contribute significantly to the investigation and potentially uncover connections or patterns that might lead to the scammer.

                Additionally, sharing your experience here, as you’ve done, helps raise awareness within our community and could prompt others who have been affected to come forward. This would strengthen the case against the scammer and contribute to a collective effort to combat such fraudulent schemes.

                Remember, the path to seeking restitution in these cases can be complex and requires patience and collaboration with the experts who will guide you through this process. We commend your courage in speaking out and encourage you to work closely with CNC Intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

                Stay strong, James. Your actions not only help in your case but also contribute to a broader effort to protect others in the community from similar scams.

                Best regards,
                Adam, Admin at

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