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      • Scam Name: Failure to Mine
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Transaction Hash: c16aa8545f72a855fd7ca8a0e13c192f35a1ef9d94e80d7314e3142f8da62ffc
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Receiving Address: 325W5fWXPDmN7GPpMeKvSzy9XvovkEM9dp

      A complaint has been lodged concerning a potential scam involving a Bitcoin mining website promising significant returns. The victim paid $2000, expecting a return of 2 BTC within a year. However, the site later demanded additional “electricity bill” payments to withdraw the promised Bitcoin, a typical red flag for a scam.

      If you’ve had dealings with this website, made transactions to the provided Bitcoin address, or experienced similar situations, please share your story. Gathering more information can help warn others and possibly assist in recovery efforts.

      Details such as additional transaction hashes, Bitcoin addresses linked to this scam, or any communication with the operators could be crucial in investigating this further. Sharing these can aid in a broader collective effort to address such fraudulent activities.

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