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      Attention all crypto enthusiasts and online investors! A concerning report has emerged involving a cryptocurrency trading scam that has already cost a victim $5,000. This scam operates under the guise of “Elite Trading Capitals,” offering lucrative trading opportunities that ultimately lead to a series of unfounded fees, taxes, and commissions, with the promised profits never materializing.

      Key Details from the Complaint:

      • Scam Website: Elite Trading Capitals (Specific URL not provided; exercise caution if you encounter a site with this name)
      • Initial Contact: The scam was promoted through a Facebook post by an individual claiming substantial earnings from crypto trading with the assistance of a specific trader.
      • Progression: The victim was initially persuaded to invest $500 for a beginner trade. Following this, additional requests for money were made under the pretext of covering fees, taxes on fees, and commissions. Despite paying these amounts, the promised profit of $12,000 was never received.
      • Total Loss: $5,000
      • Scammer’s Alleged Location: New York, NY, USA (10009)
      • Contact Information: Phone number – 1(585) 209-0396
      • Type of Scam: Cryptocurrency Scam
      • Date Reported: November 8, 2023

      What to Watch For:

      • Unsolicited investment opportunities on social media promising high returns with little risk.
      • Requests for additional payments to cover unexpected fees, taxes, or commissions after an initial investment.
      • The use of generic or non-specific contact details and the absence of verifiable physical addresses or legitimate email contacts.

      If you’ve encountered a similar experience or have been approached by “Elite Trading Capitals” or any entity offering comparable schemes, please share your story. Your information can be crucial in helping others avoid falling victim to similar scams. Let’s work together to expose these fraudulent activities and protect our community from financial harm.

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