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      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Ether (ETH/ERC20 Token)
      • Transaction Hash: 0x16ba034238c5fd8f0178d2e31b624a1a11ab3bf6d6fac9aad825e7154b68189a
      • Receiving Address (BEP20 Network): 0xF387C97e50Eb38Ebd55Ce7b5d327Da486D6C0c82

      A user from the Philippines reported a loss of funds during a transaction intended for a custodial wallet. The funds, 0.35030047 ETH, were mistakenly sent to a BEP20 network address, which differs from the intended ERC20 network. This has made the funds inaccessible to the user, causing significant personal financial distress.

      If you have encountered a similar situation or have made transactions to the receiving address mentioned above, please share your story. Your information could be valuable for ongoing OSINT investigations and may help prevent further scams.

      If you have sent funds to the mentioned BEP20 address, please get in touch. Collective information could be crucial in tracking the flow of funds and potentially identifying the scam operations.

      Please remain vigilant and verify all addresses and networks before conducting any transactions. The crypto space can be complex, and it’s essential to double-check details to avoid such distressing situations.

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