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      Scam Name: Quantum Ledger Firm
      Scam Website:

      Details of Incident: We have been notified of a scam involving Quantum Ledger Firm. The victim’s cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP), was stolen in a transaction that they did not authorize. The victim has reported the incident to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission but has not received any updates or responses.

      Transaction Details:

      • Transaction Hash: 0E0F6ED01EDCFB921061B5D37C66637F5E54EBE4CF7E788013F95BDCA68A5DBF
      • Receiving Address: r3tteuwQ4NPYpk5ZoodQ56mdQsg4Yp5SWJ

      If you have been affected by Quantum Ledger Firm or have conducted transactions involving this address, please share your story. Your information could be crucial in preventing further scams and assisting community members.

      This post aims to raise awareness and compile more evidence against the alleged scammer. If you have experienced similar issues, please come forward and contribute any additional information you may have.

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