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      I wanted to share a concerning experience I encountered recently during a job application process.

      I was approached through for a job position with a certain company. The initial contact and subsequent hiring process appeared legitimate and proceeded smoothly. Everything seemed standard until an unusual request was made.

      Today, a significant red flag was raised: I was asked to purchase software amounting to $500 as part of my job responsibilities. The assurance was that I would be reimbursed for this expense at a later time. This request struck me as highly unusual and potentially indicative of a scam.

      Typically, legitimate companies provide the necessary software and tools without expecting employees to bear upfront costs, especially not without a formal and secure process in place. This sudden demand for an out-of-pocket expense raised my suspicions.

      I have documented all interactions and communications regarding this matter, specifically those from @BORAL_HUMANRESOURCES, the contact point for this hiring process.

      I am posting this experience here to warn others who might find themselves in a similar situation. Has anyone else encountered such requests during job applications?

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