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      Urgent Notice to the Altcoin Community

      We have been informed of a potentially fraudulent scheme claiming to involve investment opportunities that have impacted a student. The following details are crucial for anyone who may conduct an OSINT investigation or who has been similarly affected.

      • Cryptocurrency Type: Tether (USDT)
      • Transaction Hashes:
      • d8927cfa227d011915dc81fe99e252865c4a8b06d788690818d1751713307e3c
      • 7f9ca574ac4b13f2ded263cb9e581c5676a516a24e6d5d3db4e44ebd72c0fcac
      • b7a7d1747ae37a6ae9f7d59c526e7c3fa2b760b4ef50b066793a02a981fd4084
      • Alleged Scam Platform: Outbrain ( – Be wary of this site as it might be a scam.
      • Receiving Wallet Address (TRC20): TV7aWM4ApdeVqgZeGx8m3boaV57Ka8ykWM
      • Dates of Transactions: March 28, 2024
      • Network Used: TRC20

      The student reports that all their savings were invested in this scheme, indicating the gravity of the situation. If you have made similar transactions or interacted with this platform, please share your story. Gathering more information is essential to help prevent further victimization and potentially aid in recovering lost funds.

      Please remain vigilant when investing or sending funds, especially as a student or someone with limited financial resources. Always verify a website’s legitimacy and be cautious of platforms that promise high returns or require upfront investments. Your shared experiences can serve as a warning to others and contribute to building a safer online community.

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        Redd Karr

          As has already been said many times, is a complete scam. I am not going to repeat what has already been said as it mimics my experience completely, however I below is my exchange with their customer service person, which exposes their underbelly.

          RK – Thank you. I am no longer interested in doing this. I have no idea why I’m doing what I’m doing and why. I have 278USDT invested and now you want another 498 USDT!

          Customer Service (CS) – Hello, this is a part-time job, you work so long and don’t know what you are doing?

          RK – I have no idea what the purpose of the work is, and why I have to pay to do it.

          CS = To put it simply, all merchants will put their products on the platform to improve their data. Our job is to help merchants optimize (product) data, increase product visibility and sales, and allow merchants to achieve the desired results. In fact, what we have to do is to become real users and help them generate real-time data. The company needs to create real capital flow data and needs real funds to purchase goods, data optimization.

          RK – I’ve been in business for many years and your explanation makes no sense whatsoever. I think it’s all a scam and so do others that I have brought into the picture. I want my 278USDT  back and quickly. If I don’t get it by tomorrow evening, I will take action.

          CS – I am just the online customer service of the platform. Our company’s legal team will solve this problem. It has nothing to do with me. You can contact NY Headquarters.

          RK – Please provide full contact information for them.

          No response. They are a scam and have bitten a close friend of mine. Get rid of them.

          Thank you!!




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              Hello Redd,

              Thank you for sharing your troubling experience with, and I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you and your friend have faced. Your detailed account of the interaction with the customer service is a valuable insight into the deceptive practices employed by the site.

              Evidently, this platform’s operations are highly questionable, and your decision to demand your funds back was justified. Unfortunately, as is often the case with these scams, the customer service’s unresponsiveness once real issues are raised is a classic red flag.

              We appreciate your courage in speaking out, as it helps to alert and protect the community from falling into similar traps. Please keep us updated on any developments regarding your case, and if there’s any way our community can assist further, don’t hesitate to reach out.

              For everyone else, this situation is a stark reminder to be extremely cautious with investment opportunities that require paying money to earn money, especially when they promise high returns with little explanation or transparency. Always conduct thorough research and consider seeking professional advice before engaging in any transactions.

              Stay vigilant and safe.

              Best regards,

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            Yanick Lupien

              Good morning I was approached by a lady from Impact Recuitement, she offered me a part-time job to do from home. The lady tells me she found my number on the Canada recruitment database. She tells me that someone will contact me on WhatsApp. The next day a lady joins me on whatsapp she explains all the very simple work and even explains how to create a digital wallet for me (beginner in crypto). Then I do the training and it only brings in $60 without having to pay anything yet. Then it takes me $100 to do the tasks, clicks on ads proposed by algorithms. With $100 we could get $35-40 in just 20 minutes. And after 14 days he promised you $600 in salary. I only did one day of work and two days later I decided to withdraw my money from Outbrainshop, telling them that I was taking a break to understand how it worked. So no more communication with the nice lady who trained me and who spoke to me instantly every time I had a little question or a little doubt. In the meantime I had searched a little on their platform and understood the scam. After having a few series of tasks you come across a blockage that requires a little more money to be able to complete the series of tasks and be able to get paid. And at will they can disappear with your agent, like she disappeared when I withdrew all my funds and said I was taking a break. So I hope that this can help people not fall into the easy job scam.

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                  Hi Yanick,

                  Thank you for bringing your experience to the attention of the ScamCrypto community. It is crucial for all of us to share such incidents to increase awareness and prevent others from falling into similar traps.

                  From your description, it appears that the job offer from “Impact Recruitment” was a front for a classic advance fee scam disguised under the premise of easy work-from-home opportunities. Such schemes often ask participants to invest small amounts of money with the promise of high returns in a short period, only to require more payments under various pretexts without ever delivering the promised returns. Your proactive decision to withdraw funds and cease communication was wise and may have saved you from further losses.

                  Your experience reminds all community members to exercise skepticism towards unsolicited job offers or opportunities that require upfront investments, especially those involving cryptocurrency transactions, which are often irreversible and untraceable once made. Always research any company or website thoroughly before engaging or investing, and be wary of platforms that promise unrealistic returns or require money to unlock further earnings.

                  Please continue to share any further information or developments regarding this issue. Your input is valuable to our ongoing efforts to combat online scams and frauds.

                  Stay vigilant,

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                X. Wayde

                  I would like to confirm the same as others above.

                  This site is a predatory ponzi type scheme that required constant addition of personal funds, with no way to recover fund invested.

                  They are using the guise of Lynn @  IMPACT Recruiting in Canada, looking to hire for

                  The site is registered in China, masked to try and look genuine.  It is not.

                  This has been reported to cyber crime units and the media for further investigation.

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                      Hello X. Wayde,

                      Thank you for your vigilance and for confirming the suspicious nature of the site in question. Your description of the events paints a clear picture of a Ponzi-like scheme, intending to deceive and extract funds from individuals under pretenses.

                      Using a reputable company’s name to recruit potential victims is a particularly concerning tactic. Your efforts in reporting this to the appropriate cybercrime units and the media are commendable and aid in raising awareness about such fraudulent activities.

                      Anyone reading this should take X. Wayde’s experience as a cautionary tale. Always approach unsolicited job offers and investment opportunities skeptically, and conduct thorough research before committing funds. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

                      Stay alert and safe,

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                      Dear Anmol Ran,

                      Thank you for sharing your experience and bringing this to the attention of the ScamCrypto community. We understand how distressing it can be to find yourself in such a situation and appreciate your courage in speaking out. Your report is invaluable in our collective effort to combat online fraud, especially in cryptocurrency.

                      Based on your details, you were approached with a promising job opportunity, only to discover it was a ploy to entice you into a potentially fraudulent cryptocurrency transaction scheme. The modus operandi you described is unfortunately common among scammers who exploit the allure of easy money to trap unsuspecting individuals.

                      We encourage other members of the ScamCrypto community who might have encountered similar schemes or have information about the mentioned website and wallet address to share their experiences. Collective insight can be powerful in understanding and countering such scams.

                      Anmol, we are here to support and inform you and our community. Together, we can work towards a safer online environment and take a stand against scams and fraudulent schemes.

                      Stay Safe,

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                      Anmol Ran

                        Got msg on WhatsApp as a job opportunity then they told me to make an account, and then they gave me credentials for one more account and told me to work for it and get money in this account ( you need a separate password to withdraw money) so even if I have account login and I deposit money in that account I cannot withdraw money from that account.


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