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      Scam Group Name: Express Verified Services
      Platform Used: Telegram
      Suspected Scam URL: [Not provided, use caution on Telegram groups offering financial services]
      Transaction Hash: 42cfb882adb50c71c1f0bf6b982dfc600811265dd41cb540625127fcad999999
      Receiving Bitcoin Address: bc1qgka4cs4qatz38nfnme5dssk3vnlvc7symrx77r

      We’ve received a report of a possible scam involving a group known as “Express Verified Services” operating on the Telegram platform. The group alleges a “get rich quick” scheme by requesting funds with promises of high returns.

      A victim of this scam has come forward, noting that after sending money, they were removed and banned from the group when they raised concerns about being scammed. The transaction in question is recorded on the blockchain (see the provided transaction hash for reference), and the receiving address is listed above.

      We urge anyone who has experienced similar situations or has interacted with “Express Verified Services” to come forward and share their story. Your information can be invaluable to others and may help prevent further scams.

      Please be extremely cautious with any group or service that promises quick financial returns in exchange for sending cryptocurrency. Remember, once a transaction has been made with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is irreversible.

      If you have any information related to this group or have been affected by their actions, please reach out so we can compile and share information to prevent further victims. Your privacy will be respected, and any detail you can provide may be crucial for open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

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