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      Scam Type: Cryptocurrency Fraud

      Reported Loss: $20,000
      Location of Complainant: TX, USA – 79912
      Scammer’s Alleged Location: Palo Alto, CA
      Date Reported: March 15, 2024

      If you’ve interacted with and faced issues similar to what’s described below, you are encouraged to share your experiences. This could help collectively bring more attention to the matter and possibly assist in investigations.

      Complaint Overview:
      A user has reported substantial issues with the app, claiming to have over $20k inaccessible after years of mining due to perpetual KYC verification problems. The process is described as buggy, with no clear way to correct or resubmit information. Critical concerns include:

      • Personal Data Risks: Users must submit personal ID and information, which may be misused or sold.
      • KYC Verification Trap: Attempts to verify identity result in indefinitely locked coins, and some users have been waiting over four years for a resolution.
      • No Real Transaction Capability: There is no operational mainnet, rendering it impossible to buy, sell, or trade mined coins.
      • Poor Customer Support: Nonexistent customer service, unresponsive official Twitter(X) account, and derogatory interactions with moderators on the Pii browser chat.
      • Account Censorship: Inquiries about selling coins can lead to account suspension or deletion.

      If you’ve experienced similar issues with MinePi or have additional information that could help us understand the scope of this scam, your input could be invaluable. Sharing your story could contribute to a collective effort to uncover the truth, aid others in avoiding potential scams, and support ongoing investigations.

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