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      Be cautious if you have encountered or interacted with the website, which has been implicated in a cryptocurrency scam complaint under the name “Gain Forex.”

      Details of the Scam:

      • Scam Name: Gain Forex
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: 0x8928e281f6c239f0351fda3b6492
      • Receiving Address: 0x0650351B89328ebF766550A0383A9592bB5E4DCA

      The victim involved in this complaint was promised financial gains through cryptocurrency investments, leading to a fraudulent transaction. If you have encountered this website or have made similar transactions to the above-mentioned Bitcoin address, your information might help prevent further scams.

      Anyone who has been scammed by Gain Forex or has information about other receiving addresses, additional contact information used by the scammers, or any related transactions is encouraged to share their stories. This collective sharing can significantly aid in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations and potentially help trace and recover lost funds.

      If you’ve been affected by Gain Forex or a similar scam, please share your experience to help warn and protect others.

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